12-6-16: Second full length album, Gratifying Severed Hearts, set to release early 2017!

4-29-16: Please welcome Evan “Slam” Dyne on drums

2-27-16: Our E.P Maladaptive is now available for purchase here!

2-18-16: Wrong release date, but the cat is out. Our E.P Maladaptive is releasing February 27th

12-26-15: A hardrive fail, and improper backup causes the loss of half of a song. Luckily it was only half a song

11-23-15: Jeremy purchases a mini van for the band

10-8-15: Micheal goes of to basic to become a United States Marine

9-16-15: We have purchased a new drumset and begone tracking for our next release “Maladaptive”

8-25-15: we will have our song “A Call To Blood” off of Embryonic Forms played on Rock Rage Radio on 8-31 along with an interveiw of Jeremy at 8:30 P.M cts

8-14-15: We now have a Wiki!

7-19-15: We anonce our first film entitled “The Embryonic DVD: Clip One + News on it”

7-17-15: We begin filming for our music videos

7-8-15: The metal den welcomes Triguna

7-6-15: Sent T-shirts and CDS to Germany and Brazil. Triguna is international

6-30-15: Writing more music. There is a possibility of a power ballod…

6-21-15: The show at the otherside was a huge success! We are now planing future shows with some other bands our freinds are in and working on getting more press! Jeremy has been talking to his german freinds and hopes to get some covrage over there aswell as posible covrage in Brazil.

The other side FB event