Triguna is a Chicago progressive metal band formed in 2012 by current members Jeremy York and Claude Bird. The two initially got the idea after Jeremy’s practicing of death growls in German class caused Bird and Jeremy to become friends, and eventually brothers in metal. After much talking and planning in between periods of German class, Jeremy and Bird reached out to their local musician friends to find members.

For the first three weeks or so of the band, they were sort of a continuation of the band CYNICO, because they were playing with the composer/music nerd and fellow metal brother Ethan Trevino. Ethan shortly after moved to the city to formally study music so Jeremy and Bird had nothing much going on. Then Jeremy called on his old guitar teacher Eric to find members. Eric suggested the musician Justin Herr. The three got together and planned out what they wanted from the band. About a week later after going to a party, Jeremy brought in Michael Blanding to play drums. Jeremy and Michael where instant friends because of Michael’s Megadeth shirt.

Old band Name logoFor a year and a half they practiced wherever they could, often in cold garages during the winter. Every Saturday without fail. Then Jeremy’s musician friend Arron Loss suggested Matt Schneider to fill the second guitar spot they needed. After Matt came into the band they acquired a bunch of gear really fast and could no longer set up for a practice in twenty minutes, they needed a permanent practice space. So they packed up one day and moved into Michael’s basement, where they rehearsed and recorded their debut record “Embryonic Forms”. At this point it is worth mentioning that Matt, Michael and Bird had never been in band before this point, and had never played their respective instruments before joining, but their desire to play music was so strong that this did not hold them back. After more time rehearsing and writing they acquired more gear and recorded their debut album.

black trigunaDrums were tracked at Michael’s house. They would spend eight plus hours a day (during high school) tracking drums and arranging. Guitars were tracked in extra space at Jeremy’s grandmother’s factory. It was dubbed “Eagle Sound”. Vocals were the only thing that went through any real pre-production; this was done whenever Jeremy, Michael, and Matt were ahead of Justin in the recording process. Jeremy would go over on Fridays at 10 AM (still in high school) and practice real singing, aural skills and tracking with Bird.

For two months Jeremy spent large amounts of time promoting, marketing and managing the band. Something they lacked severely. In this time 140 copies of Embryonic Forms where sold or given away by shear will power. While Jeremy was doing the business side of things Justin was writing heavily and had the next release, Maladaptive, done.

During the heavy business workload, they where also practicing profusely. All except Matt who was flackey at best. This created issues in the band and cause Matt to part ways. Then began pre-production on Maladaptive. Jeremy spent large amounts of money on new microphones, and other recording equipment, along with buying a new van to tour with. This is when Maladaptive begun.

When Maladaptive was released, Jeremy and Bird were the only people left in the band. They spent months looking for new members, eventually finding Noah Jacob to join the band as rhythm guitarist. As time went by, no drummers were found. That is, until one magical day when a scene kid with a deathcore hoodie walked into a Taco Bell and was greeted by Jeremy pig squealing. This scene kid was Evan “Slam” Dyne, who joined the band in April of 2016 as a drummer. Now that they had everyone except for a bassist, Jarrett Meier, a long time friend of Jeremy’s, hopped on board with the Gunas to play bass, thus forming a full band.

Throughout the summer of 2016, they began writing their second full length album, entitled Gratifying Severed Hearts. In October, they began the recording progress, starting with drums, and the album is planned for a February 2017 release.

Join the Gunas as they carve their own history in the world of music.