death growls

The death growl is a form of singing that is often categorized by the word screamo. now being a metal band we understand that death growls are a very harsh vocal technique that takes years to master just as any other form of music making does. however, many people can not understand death growls from a singer until they have read enough of their lyrics to know their style of writing and screaming. so if you need help understanding Mr. Claude Bird head over to our page at the metal archives (created by some cool people) and read all you want from the poet himself Claude Bird

Embryonic forms

The name so chosen because we are still growing into the things that we want to do. This album, our debut album is the accumulation of five hundred plus hours to create something that we believe was done to the best of our ability at the time (or the best we could do with the equipment). We are now in another stage of embryonic development and are much more focused and dedicated in what we are doing as a band. Come listen to our debut record and watch us grow as we watch our selves by continuing the perpetual hunger we have for music.