Our E.P Maladaptive is now available on Spotify, Amazon, GooglePlay, Youtube, Bandcamp, Itunes and a myriad of others
Purchase here

We are a metal band that formed in 2012. after formation we immediately dove into writing our own music and acquired the proper gear to play DIY shows. After successful self hosted shows we decided to document our progress as a band so we acquired even more gear to record our debut record “Embryonic Forms”. This record is exactly what the title says, it is an idea in progress, it will show our growth as a band. We are continuing to write more music and are honing our craft with live shows. follow us as we go from embryos to Shredders

Stream the debut here for free

Read or contribute to our Wiki

Bummer! Our Wikipedia was taken down. If you would like to help us get one, click the broken link or write reviews/interviews

мы заметили, что мы получаем выделить из Российской Trafic здесь. привет и держать его жирной

we noticed that we get allot of Russian trafic here. hello and keep it greasy

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